Jeffrey Dean Morgan smiles nervously when asked about playing Batman in ‘Flashpoint’ (video)


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday. Kimmel asked Morgan point blank if he was going to play Batman in the Flashpoint movie, and his response was very interesting.

Morgan, who seemed to know all about the Flashpoint storyline where Thomas Wayne becomes Batman, smiled when the possibility of him playing Batman was brought up. After nervously trying to change the subject, Morgan said that he doesn’t know anything about playing Batman. Check out the exchange in the video below at the 1:51 mark.

Morgan also teased his involvement in Flashpoint at Comic-Con this past summer.

What do you make of Morgan’s comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Do you believe him when he says he doesn’t know anything, or do you think he’s playing coy and that we’ll see him as Batman in Flashpoint? Let me know in the comments below.