Ben Affleck on ‘Justice League’: Joss Whedon took Zack Snyder’s movie and made it better

Fox 5’s entertainment reporter, Kevin McCarthy, caught up with the cast of Justice League at the press event in London this weekend. As a huge fan of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, McCarthy asked Ben Affleck what the difference was between working with director Zack Snyder and replacement director Joss Whedon.

“Zack cast this movie, he made the two movies prior, [Justice League] is very heavily informed by the work that went into it ahead of time — including design and script and everything else. So it’s Zack’s movie,” Affleck replied, before explaining that Snyder had to step away for personal reasons.

“We got lucky, we had [Joss Whedon] come in who kind of worked off Zack’s template, and also added his own flavor and his own stuff to it, and I think made the movie better,” Affleck added. “Although, I wouldn’t necessarily want to have two directors on every movie, I do think it was an interesting way of doing it.”

You can watch Affleck’s comments in the video below around the 2 minute mark. Towards the end of the video, McCarthy was speaking to Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller, and admitted that he wasn’t able to tell which parts were Zack Snyder’s and which parts were Joss Whedon’s. It sounds like Warner Bros. blended the two styles together perfectly.