Ezra Miller describes a Flash deleted scene from ‘Justice League’


Justice League went through a lot of cuts to get it down to it’s two hour runtime. Even some characters were cut out completely. In a new interview, WSVN-TV’s Chris Van Vliet pointed out that The Flash and Wonder Woman are never referred to by name in Justice League — they just go by Barry Allen and Diana Prince. Ezra Miller said that a deleted scene did show Barry Allen trying to come up with his own superhero name.

“Barry is just Barry at this point. There’s even a scene that was cut from the movie where he’s going on and on about who he should be and what he should call himself, ” Miller explained, before questioning why the scene was cut. “So yeah, he doesn’t have a superhero name yet.”

You can check out Miller’s comments in the video below at the 2:54 mark.

In Gal Gadot’s mind, Diana Prince got the name “Wonder Woman” after the events of Wonder Woman, though even in that movie she’s never referred to specifically by her superhero name.

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