Henry Cavill shares thoughts on ‘Batman v Superman’: it’s a “niche” movie

Batman v Superman was met with mixed reactions from both critics and fans around the world. And while Justice League will likely address some of those criticims, Fox 5’s entertainment reporter Kevin McCarthy was curious about Henry Cavill’s own personal opinion on Batman v Superman.

“I think that movie is part of an arc for what Snyder’s vision was — or is — and it’s also in my mind fairly niche,” Cavill said. “It’s a niche style of movie within a genre. It reflects in the audience reviews and critics reviews. It’s divisive. When anything is niche is going to be liked by some and disliked by others. That’s the whole point of niche.”

You can check out video of Cavill’s comments in the video below around the 7:13 mark.

Last week Cavill admitted that Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder’s previous style of movies haven’t worked, but that Wonder Woman is a step in the right direction.