J.K. Simmons didn’t know who Zack Snyder was before they met for ‘Justice League’

Justice League star J.K. Simmons may be an Oscar-winning actor, but that doesn’t mean he keeps up on the world of Hollywood. In a new interview with ET, Simmons said he didn’t even know who Zack Snyder was or that he was meeting him about Justice League when he got the call.

“I don’t know anything about show business,” Simmons told ET. “My agent called and said, ‘Zack Snyder wants to meet with you,’ and I was like, ‘Awesome. Who’s that?’ And he was like, ‘He’s like one of the biggest directors in Hollywood.’ Not even like, ‘This is what it’s about,’ just, ‘Go meet.'”

“So we went and met and hit it off, ’cause he’s a great guy, and we were several minutes into the meeting when I kind of saw this quizzical look and he goes, ‘You have no idea why you’re here, do you?'” Simmons continued. “He said, ‘Commissioner Gordon. I want you to play Commissioner Gordon.'”

You can check out the full video interview below.

I know all of you know who Zack Snyder is! You’ll be able to see his latest movie, Justice League, when it hits theaters on November 17th. Tickets are available now.