This Week in Comics: Harley Quinn commits (political) suicide

If you’re into anything DC, you probably don’t need me to tell you: Harley Quinn is kind of a big deal. She’s in movies, cartoons, toys, and all sorts of other things. And you can’t throw a mallet at Comic Con without hitting at least a dozen ladies—and gents—dressed as Harley. If you want a comic that’s just as crazy as she is, look no further than the book bearing her name. She lives on Coney Island, has lots of weird friends, and, in the latest story arc, even ran for mayor of New York City. Want to know how that turned out? Pick up Harley Quinn #31, which just came out on Wednesday.

The big DC comic event of the fall is called Metal, and right now, the Dark Knight is lost in something called the Dark Multiverse. Batman: Lost is a Metal tie-in book that came out this week, and it follows Batman’s struggle to break free. If you’re new to comics, you’ll probably be more lost than Bruce; but the artwork comes from some of the best in the business, and if you’re the adventurous sort, you may want to pick it up and wade into the craziness.

The Justice League film comes out next week, and to celebrate, DC has declared Saturday, November 18 “Justice League Day.” Comic shops and a few other stores will have copies of a special edition of 2011’s Justice League #1 to give away for free. Written by DC Films boss Geoff Johns and illustrated by comics legend Jim Lee, it’s a great jump-on point for new readers, and the plot has a number of common threads with the film.

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