Ben Affleck reveals what it was like being a ‘Justice League’ executive producer

Warner Bros.

Titan Books has released a 96-page hardcover book titled “Justice League Official Collector’s Edition” which features lots of new photos and information about the movie. Comic Book Movie pointed out an interesting quote from Ben Affleck, after he was asked what it was like being an executive producer on Justice League.

“It’s fun to see storylines cross over and connect with one another,” Affleck said. “It’s not something I’ve ever had a chance to do previously – this multiple-film connectivity thing. It’s pretty cool, all the little Easter Eggs that lead into each other.”

Without seeing the movie it’s hard to know exactly what Affleck is referring to, but perhaps there are some cool Batman Easter eggs in Justice League. Especially since Affleck was writing a Batman movie of his own while he was making it. That will now be replaced by a new script that The Batman director Matt Reeves is working on with an unknown writer.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th. Tickets are available now.

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie