Batman and Wonder Woman unite for new “Brave and the Bold” miniseries

One of the most endearing qualities of DC Comics is their incredibly diverse stable of characters.  Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are three of the most recognizable characters in the world, for one thing, and characters like Supergirl, the Flash, and even Aquaman have become household names.  Factor in oddities like Plastic Man, Ambush Bug, and even the New Gods and DC has a cast of characters as vast as it is diverse.  One of the great joys in reading about them, then, is seeing how seemingly bizarre team-ups play out.  Enter: The Brave and the Bold.

First published between 1955 and 1983, the book began as a sort of anthology title that evolved into a team-up title that would pair disparate characters together to go on adventures.  Like all things, it eventually featured Batman quite heavily until it was canceled with its 200th issue.  Since then, there have been a few comic book revivals and even the cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which was awesome and should be required viewing.  Even as recently as this year, the series was referenced in Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ Batman #23, which saw Batman and Swamp Thing investigate a murder in the cheekily-titled “The Brave and the Mold.”

Next year, the title will get yet another resurgence with Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman.  As reported by the Washington Post, the six-issue miniseries will be written and illustrated by Liam Sharp, who recently provided pencils on the Wonder Woman title with writer Greg Rucka.  According to Sharp, the miniseries will see Diana investigate the death of a Celtic god, and she calls in Batman for assistance.

While Wonder Woman is heavily tied to mythology, she is typically associated with the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses.  Batman, on the other hand, tries to stay out of supernatural matters altogether, so seeing the two dive into an entirely different culture certainly leaves room for a fresh storytelling spin.

Head over the the Post for some more insight from Sharp, and check out this gorgeous uncolored copy of the first issue’s cover that he shared on Twitter.

And this peak at one of the interiors.  This guy can draw.

The first issue of the six-part miniseries will hit comic shops and other retailers on February 21, 2018.