What about Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman?


John Campea is a movie pundit and the last person you should come to for exclusive news. He himself has admitted that. But his latest rumor is getting a lot of attention online today, and I think it’s worth checking out.

According to Campea, The Batman director Matt Reeves would like Jake Gyllenhaal to be his Batman. That said, this is a rumor and any talks with potential Batman actors would be in the very early stages at this point. Campea stressed that in his video today too.

My personal opinion is that Ben Affleck will not star in The Batman. As I’ve mentioned, I think that movie will take place years before Man of Steel, giving Reeves a younger Batman who is in his prime to work with. Affleck is either already done, or they’ll figure out a way for him to “gracefully exit” in a future movie. Maybe Flashpoint?

Ben Affleck recently said “you don’t do it forever”, and his time is almost up. What would you think of Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman? Is there another actor you’d like to see take over the role when Affleck is done? Let me know in the comments below.