Trinity #15 review

It’s here at last—the conclusion of “Dark Destiny.” Will Circe succeed in sucking the souls out of scads of slavish supers? Or will our heroes find a way to prevail? Find out in Trinity #15!

Ding-dong, the witch is dead

Whereby “the witch,” I mean “this arc,” and not “Circe”—I won’t tell you one way or the other what happens to her. Here’s the thing: it’s 10:33 on Thursday night, my day job has been taking a lot of my time, and I’ve got to finish this already-late review. I can’t give this the time that I would like to, but I can at least tell you if I think you should buy it or not, and I can tell you why I feel that way. And, evidently, I can write a paragraph telling you I’m going to do it. So here goes.

I haven’t enjoyed this arc for the most part, though I’ve loved the team of Marion, Florea, and Ribeiro. The artwork has been first-rate, and action-packed; but the story itself, with its “trinity of trinities” and mercilessly annoying possessed people, has been grating. So Trinity #15 gets a few points right away for leaving those things in the dust. No more red-on-black, no more blathering about trinities. Just lots of shooting, slicing, and punching a sea of Circe’s Ani-Men. It isn’t ground-breaking, earth-shattering, or even mildly amazing, but it is good fun, and problematic moments in dialogue are easier to ignore as a result.

Williams attempts to steer things toward a more serious tone towards the end, and I appreciate the attempt, but some of it feels forced. I like what our heroes do, but what they say about it seems too scripted, so my impression of the whole moment isn’t as favorable as it could have been. The ending is also fairly abrupt, leaving the outcome up in the air—and as far as I can tell, the next issue will shift gears completely. Maybe Williams will address what happened with Circe first—I certainly hope so. If nothing else, at least Marion and Florea will be back to make whatever it is look good.

Recommended if…

  • You’ve been digging this whole “Dark Destiny” thing.
  • You want to see Circe transform into the head of a giant Ani-Man made of regular-sized Ani-Men. Because you’re an Ani-Mal. [I’m not sorry]
  • You dig Marion’s aesthetics and you want to see a major throw-down in that style.


I’m glad to see “Dark Destiny” conclude, and doubly so because the conclusion is enjoyable. I may not be a fan of the premise, but at least this final installment manages to entertain. It succeeds in large part by doing away with the annoyances of past chapters, while continuing to deliver first-rate visuals from the team of Marion, Florea, and Ribeiro. Pick this one up if you’ve been reading the story, or if you’re a Marion fan with a few extra bucks. Otherwise, this isn’t essential reading, and you won’t be missing anything if you pass it by.

SCORE: 7/10