Matt Reeves has met with Jake Gyllenhaal and other actors about Batman

Yesterday a rumor popped up that said The Batman director Matt Reeves had met with Jake Gyllenhaal about playing Batman, and now Collider has confirmed it with their own sources.

Collider adds that Reeves has also met with other actors besides Gyllenhaal, though they did not mention any names. Warner Bros. still doesn’t have a short list of actors that they’d like to see in the role, so no one Reeves meets with will be receiving an offer or anything like that. Things are in the very early stages right now.

News of Reeves meeting with potential Batman actors doesn’t bode well for Affleck’s future in the role. I think he and Warner Bros. are just waiting for Justice League’s box office run to be over before officially announcing that he’s ready to move on.

Which actor would you like to meet with Matt Reeves for Batman next? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Collider