This Week in Comics: Deathstroke gets a rad new ride

Hey, guess what? We’re looking to add a comic reviewer to our team. Is it you? Follow the directions and find out.

Anyway, on to business. There were some good books this week! Even if you’re new to comics or tired of Metal, there was an excellent Metal tie-in: Justice League #33. So if you just got back from seeing Justice League on the big screen, and you feel like you didn’t get enough Cyborg, saunter over to your nearest comic shop—or open up the comics app of your choice—and check out Justice League #33. You’ll get your Victor Stone, and you’ll also get the most metal thing that Metal has served up to date: Deathstroke riding a giant sea-horsie.

Metal-heads also finally got their hands on the much anticipated Batman Who Laughs, which at long last revealed the origin of the Jokerized Dark Batman that has been all-but-leading the campaign against the good guys. Even if you don’t know the larger context, it’s an interesting what-if in the endless struggle between Batman and the Joker. We gave the book high marks in our review, so check it out and then come back and let us know what you think.

Batman #35 continued to follow Bruce and Selina on their prenuptial trek into the jaws of certain death. For an issue that can be summed up as “a conversation and a sword fight,” it was quite fun, and perhaps my favorite in the current story arc. Sometimes, the simplest stories are just what the doctor ordered.

Those are my highlights, but this week’s been a squeeze, so I feel like I’m behind. What hot spots am I missing? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out all of our reviews over at the Comics page.