Deleted ‘Justice League’ scene shows Kiersey Clemons as Iris West in action (video)

Back in September, Batman News exclusively reported that Kiersey Clemons’ scene as Iris West was cut from Justice League. I was waiting until the movie came out to tell you exactly what happened, but it looks like someone beat me to it!

A Vimeo user named “ascension“, presumably from the visual effects department, just uploaded an unfinished version of the Iris West scene. It’s exactly what I was told earlier this year. Barry Allen is in a shop and sees Iris West get into a car accident outside. He breaks the glasses, runs outside, and saves her. Check it out below!

This Vimeo user has uploaded several other unused clips from the movie, all involving Cyborg. You can watch them on his Vimeo page.

Thanks to Batman News reader Harish for the heads up!