Zack Snyder fans are faking petition signatures for a ‘Justice League’ cut that probably won’t happen

Zack Snyder / Vero

Zack Snyder fans are a passionate bunch. Unhappy with the cut of Justice League that was released in theaters, a petition was started asking that Warner Bros. release Zack Snyder’s original cut, before Joss Whedon’s scenes were added to the movie. The petition is closing in on 150,000 signatures, but there’s just one problem: some of them have been faked.

Movie critic John Campea sent out a tweet tonight of an email he received from, thanking him for signing the Zack Snyder Justice League petition. But Campea says he never signed it. He said he spoke to several people who had this happen to them as well. It sounds like Snyder fans are using any email address they can think of to boost the number of signatures for the petition.

As someone who really liked Batman v Superman, I think I would’ve loved Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League (I liked the theatrical release, but it’s my least favorite DC Films movie so far). However, it’s very unlikely that Warner Bros. is going to release a brand new cut of the movie on Blu-ray. Here’s why:

  1. Warner Bros. didn’t like Zack Snyder’s cut. According to the Wall Street Journal, WB wasn’t satisfied with Snyder’s cut and that’s why they brought in Joss Whedon to rewrite the script.
  2. Zack Snyder’s cut wasn’t anywhere near a finished product. Snyder screened his cut for WB around January, 10 months before the November release date. Things like special effects are worked on up until a few weeks before a movie’s release for big blockbusters like Justice League.
  3. Warner Bros. is going to lose a lot of money on Justice League. It was the most expensive movie in the DC Films Universe, and it’s looking like it’s going to be one of the lowest grossing at the box office. WB isn’t going to spend millions of dollars on a movie that’s already losing them millions of dollars.

There’s no way of knowing just how many of the near 150,000 signatures have been faked, but I will admit, I was shocked to see this petition hit numbers that high. I’m not surprised to learn that they’re not all genuine.

Update: 11/30: has removed about 2,500 fake signatures from the petition.

What do you make of this news? Do you think there’s even a 1% chance that Warner Bros. would consider releasing Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League on Blu-ray? Let me know in the comments below.