Armie Hammer reflects on his canceled ‘Justice League’ movie; is in no rush to be a superhero

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Armie Hammer was a guest on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast with host Josh Horowitz this week. Hammer talked about being cast as Batman for George Miller’s canceled 2007 Justice League movie.

According to Hammer, the movie would have been very dark. He described his take on Batman as being “deranged” with major trust issues. One of Hammer’s favorite scenes from the movie was “the most brutal fight” between Superman and Wonder Woman.

When asked if he’d be open to doing a superhero movie, Hammer had an interesting reply. “I’m trying to answer in a way that’s not going to get me into trouble,” he hesitated. “Alright, f*ck it, might as well go for it. I haven’t seen a superhero movie in a long time where I thought, f*ck, I wish I was in that.

“For me there’s not like a huge rush. Would I love to own a huge house? Yes, for sure. But at the end of the day I’m more interested now in my artistic credibility.”

Later on in the conversation Hammer backtracked a little bit, saying “if a great director came around and said ‘I have this idea’… but at the end of the day, no one’s asked and I’m not going out of my way to do it.”

Hammer sparked rumors by hanging out with the then star of The Batman, Joe Manganiello, last year, and DC Films president Geoff Johns joined in on the trolling a bit too. But it sounds like Hammer won’t be joining the DC Films Universe any time soon. Check out the Justice League and superhero talk in the player below around the 26:23 mark.

SOURCE: Happy Sad Confused