‘Justice League’ script from 2011 reveals a very different movie

After canceling a Justice League movie in 2007, Warner Bros. began working on another Justice League movie, even before Zack Snyder kicked off the DC Films Universe with Man of Steel in 2013.

The Wrap got their hands on a 2011 Justice League script by Aquaman screenwriter Will Beall. The basic plot? “After a quick introduction on Darkseid’s hellish planet, Apokolips, we’re plunged into a stunning set piece between Batman, Superman, KGBeast, Killer Croc and Lex Luthor that includes a shark tank shattering on the upper floors of Lexcorp Tower in Metropolis. And it just gets more packed with heroes and villains from there,” according to The Wrap.

Head on over to The Wrap for lots more specifics, and then come back and let me know what you think of this scrapped Justice League movie in the comments section below.

SOURCE: The Wrap