‘Justice League’ sound editor says he worked on a 3+ hour cut of the movie

Earlier in the week we learned that Superman black costume scenes were cut from Justice League, and now thanks to a new interview with the sound editor, Scott Hecker, we know even more about one of the earliest cuts of the movie.

Hecker told Inverse that his work on Justice League was typical of most big blockbusters, working with a cut of the movie “that starts out 3+ hours” before being trimmed down. “So naturally many scenes and sounds are left on the proverbial cutting room floor,” he said.

Hecker was hopeful that Warner Bros. would release a longer cut on DVD/Blu-ray.

“The cool part is that on many of these films the studio releases the Director’s Cut with a lot of that material put back in the film for the DVD release, so at least most of the sounds we create will be used one way or another,” Hecked added.

While I doubt Justice League was intended to be over 3 hours, it’s becoming clear that it was originally going to be much longer based on all these stories about deleted scenes. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara reportedly demanded that the movie be under 2 hours, which is probably why so much was cut.

SOURCE: Inverse