What about Jon Hamm as Batman?

The Town

As incredible as he was in the role, Ben Affleck’s days as Batman appear to be coming to an end. We’ve heard from reliable sources that Affleck won’t star in The Batman, and that director Matt Reeves has been meeting with actors like Jake Gyllenhaal. Now a new rumor has thrown another name into the mix.

According to Radar Online, Jon Hamm has heard the rumors about Affleck and is “gunning hard for the role”. They go on to say Hamm has been “carefully courting” director Matt Reeves for months. Reeves is apparently fond of Hamm and was a big fan of his show Mad Men.

Radar Online reports on celebrity gossip, so we should definitely take this rumor with a huge grain of salt. Ironically, Hamm was a popular fan choice back in 2013 when we heard that an older Batman would be in Batman v Superman.

For the sake of discussion, do you think Jon Hamm would be a good choice as the next Batman? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Radar Online