‘Justice League’ video shows Kiersey Clemons filming her deleted Iris West scene

The day after Justice League hit theaters, a rough version of Kiersey Clemons’ scene as Iris West was leaked online. The special effects weren’t finished, but we got to see Barry Allen save West from a car accident.

Today, a behind-the-scenes video of that scene has surfaced. We see Clemons strapped to a machine to simulate her flying through the air in slow motion with a green screen behind her. Check it out above.

Sources tell Batman News that this scene is being worked on as a deleted for the Justice League Blu-ray, but that a different female actor is being put into the scene to replace Clemons. This scene could go from Barry Allen saving Iris West to him just saving a random girl. If that’s true, it’s possible that Clemons will be recast if Iris West appears in a future DC Films movie.