The 2017 Batman News Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for a fellow Batman fan, or browsing for the latest merch from Gotham City to add to your wishlist, you’ve come to the right place! Everything from Batusi to Batfleck is featured here, and we’ve made shopping with a budget even simpler by organizing your options according to price.

Single Issue Comics ($2.99 and up)

There’s a book out there for any fan! We’re talking books that keep Batman in Gotham and fighting the mob, books that see Batman in outer space or exploring the underworld, books that march The Dark Knight into the shadows alone or pair him with your favorite DC all-stars. Check out the Batman News comics section for reviews on all the current Bat-titles to quickly and easily discover the perfect series for your giftee.

Justice League Funko Pop!s ($5 and up)

Do you have a DC Films fan to shop for? You can’t go wrong with these awesome, detailed Pop!s from Justice League. If you really want to make an impression, track down some vendor exclusives like Mera or Bruce Wayne, and you’re sure to put a smile on the face of that fan.

Funko Batman: the Animated Series Pop!s ($5 and up)

Know someone who loves The Animated Series? Doing some last-minute shopping…FOR YOURSELF? Scoop up some of these excellent Animated Pop!s and instantly make the recipient’s collection a whole lot more awesome. Amazon has killer prices on them now, too, so load up your cart while you still can.

Kohl’s Festive Holiday Bat-wear  ($7.99)

Who doesn’t want to look their best around the holidays?  The fine people at Kohl’s are here to ensure you’re at your finest with this festive graphic tee.  Proving that even the Dynamic Duo sometimes need to rock a sharp scarf, this shirt has it all: a red and green color scheme, snowflakes, and a Dark Knight and Boy Wonder prepared to fight… the Chill.

Hardcover and Paperback Graphic Novels ($9 and up)

An even better gift than single issues is a graphic novel collecting a full storyline from start to finish. Want to know what the best collections of 2017 are? All you need to do is peruse the graphic novel review section here at Batman News.

Buckle Down Joker Suspenders ($9.95)

What’s crazier than wearing Joker suspenders over a t-shirt? Exactly. Keep your pants from rolling down off of your gut AND let the world know not to cross you with these stylish suspenders featuring the Clown Prince in all of his glory.

Diamond Select Toys DC Vinimates ($9.95)

Vinyl collectibles are all the rage these days, and Diamond Select offers their own distinct stamp with their Vinimates line. With designs from the Justice League film, comics, and more, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. And if you’re shopping for an avid collector, don’t miss the exclusive Black Lantern and Starfire, available at Walgreens and Toys ‘R Us, respectively.

LEGO Sets $10-$65

With big movies come big marketing opportunities, and LEGO had plenty of properties to work with in 2017 to please DC fans big and small with sets inspired by The LEGO Batman Movie, Wonder Woman, and Justice League.

Downtown Bookworks Big Book of Batman ($12)

Packed full of classic artwork and plenty of Bat-mythology, Downtown’s latest big Book will turn your little Robins from casual fans to knowledgeable experts in no time.

Buckle Down Chibi Batman Seatbelt Buckle Keychain ($12.95)

A delightfully goofy picture of Batman is only one of the benefits to strapping on this excellent keychain. With slots for three key rings (two of which are included) and a seatbelt buckle clasp for quick detachment, this awesome little thing is sure to add some utility to your belt.

Batman News T-shirt ($14)

There’s no greater gift than a Batman News T-shirt from our friends at TeePublic! They are on sale this weekend for just $14.

Batman vs. Two-Face ($14.99)

Batman vs. Two-Face feels like an arc on the TV show, and the great animation and excellent use of dry humor are well worth the watch alone. It’s the vocal cast that really sells the movie, though, with Adam West giving one of his finest performances in years, and an understated William Shatner doing just the same.

Fans of Adam West will also adore the Funko Batman ’66 Action Figure Set and the incredibly detailed coffee table book, Batman: A Celebration of The Classic TV Series.

Card and Dice Games  ($15-$20)

There were quite a few great Batman games released this year: an Animated Series-themed dice game, a Fluxx card game, and “Almost Got ‘Im,” a Mafia-style game of deception based on arguably the greatest Batman: The Animated Series episode of all-time.  All three games are great fun to play with friends and family, and given their compact size they’re perfect stocking stuffers.

Buckle Down Bi-fold Wallets ($15.95)

Even when they’re empty, these gorgeous wallets are MONEY. With a wide assortment of designs to choose from, you can spruce up your pocket with everything from logos to character poses to classic cover designs.

Adult Coloring Book ($15.99)

The stress-relieving hobby now includes this stellar book from DC that features iconic pages from every era of the Justice League comics. Don’t forget to buy your giftee a quality set of colored pencils while you’re at it.

Buckle-Down Batman New 52 Seatbelt Belt ($21.95)

It doesn’t hold any smoke pellets, batarangs, or other gadgets, but this slick belt is packed full of awesomeness. With an old-style, Bat-logoed seatbelt buckle and a variety of ultra-cool Batman illustrations pulled straight from the comics, this solid, durable belt will keep up your pants—and your spirits—every time you wear it.

Buckle-Down Batman Guitar Straps ($21.95)

Maybe you’re just starting on the guitar, or maybe you’ve been playing for years. Whatever the case, you’re guaranteed to rock hard (even if your music doesn’t) when you sling an axe over your shoulder with this gorgeous strap.

What’s more metal than a Bane guitar strap? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And at just $21.95, you can break the Bat without breaking the bank.

Diamond Select Toys Resin Busts ($24-$152)

With beautiful sculpts and excellent paint jobs, Diamonds busts are some of the sharpest pieces you can set on your desk or display shelf. There are lines representing The Animated Series, Batman ’66, Batman Beyond, and more, so there are busts for Batfans of every stripe.

Funko Legion of Collectors Subscription ($25 every two months)

With exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures, and extremely thoughtful companion items, each Legion of Collectors box is jam-packed with over $50 worth of DC loot. There’s a great balance of cinematic and comic book content, and with a la carte and yearly options, you can find the plan that best suits the DC superfan on your list.

Wonder Woman and Justice League art books ($28)

Titan Books released a fantastic hardcover book about the art and making of Wonder Woman. It’s a high-quality tome that features a wide range of new photos that will please fans of the blockbuster for sure. And if you want even more, the company followed up with a fantastic art book from Justice League! This hardcover also features new photos from the movie that are not available anywhere online.

DC Icons Rebirth Action Figures ($29.95)

These figures are great for play and display! The latest additions to the Icons line are modeled after the new designs from DC’s Rebirth including a purple-caped Dark Knight and a more traditional Man of Steel. And, just between you and me, I know it’s a Batman gift guide and all… but the Superman comics have been really, really good since Rebirth started. Like… they’re better than the current Batman titles– but you didn’t hear that from Batman News.

Injustice 2 ($30-ish)

If your giftee was patient and waited for someone to buy them Injustice 2 for Christmas, they’re in for a heck of a treat! Not only is it an incredibly fun and visually impressive game with loads of customization and countless hours of online gameplay, but just look at all that sweet, sweet DLC that’s just been released. You can play as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hellboy for cryin’ out loud! How cool is that?

DC Comics Sweaters ($30-$65)

Merchoid has a collection of geeky Christmas sweaters. The Batman one (pictured above) is pretty sweet, and they also have Superman and Harley Quinn sweaters available as well. has their own collection of DC Comics sweaters, like that cool Batman one pictured above. They also have sweaters for Wonder Woman, Joker, Superman, and all your other DC favorites!

Mondo’s Batman Returns Vinyl ($35)

The 2XLP marks the first time that the Batman Returns soundtrack has been pressed to vinyl in over 25 years. Not only does Elfman’s score sound phenomenal, it comes with absolutely gorgeous cover art that you’ll want to display on a shelf or frame on your wall. Look for a Batman (1989) vinyl to go on sale at Mondo’s site later in 2018. 

Diamond Select The New Batman Adventures Catwoman statue ($45)

Based on her design from The New Batman Adventures animated series, Selina is an excellent likeness that stands approximately ten inches tall.  The costume is mostly black so there’s not a lot of detail, but it’s well-sculpted and and the pose is true to character.  There’s a nice pop of color with the red of her lipstick against the pale blue of her face, too, and the whip weaves between her arm and legs for an extra bit of visual flair.

CultureFly World’s Finest Collection subscription ($48.99-$175.96)

At a higher price tag than your average subscription box, you might be hesitant to dive in, but CultureFly’s quarterly World’s Finest Collection is chock full of loot! The inaugural Batman box just closed, but with Wonder Woman and Justice League boxes in the pipeline, this is a service to watch. And if the Batman box is any indication, this Collection is aimed squarely at comics fans, with Rebirth-era aesthetics, unique, exclusive items, and thoughtful packaging.

NECA Arkham Origins Grapnel Replica ($54.00)

As functional as it is beautiful, this detailed replica of Batman’s grapnel actually shoots, albeit a short distance. But that’s not all! Load it up with some batteries, and the thumb button retracts the hook automatically. It won’t hold your weight, but it’s a great display piece with some fun capabilities. If you’re shopping for a fan of the game, this is a slam dunk.

Batman & Robin by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason OMNIBUS ($100)

Clocking in at over 1200 pages, the omnibus collects the entirety of the legendary series from Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, as well as their first three-part story from the pre-Flashpoint Batman and Robin series with excerpts from Secret Origins #4 and Detective Comics #27.  That in itself is enough to give you weeks if not months worth of reading, but it also has an extensive cover gallery and the full script for “Undone,” the “silent” issue #18.  Batman and Robin was a phenomenal series with an undoubtedly amazing creative team, and this omnibus is perfect for fans who have been wanting to get the entire run.

Kotobukiya Killing Joke ArtFX statue ($120)

File this under “I can’t believe it’s plastic.” It may be made from inexpensive materials, but this gorgeous Joker statue is molded and painted beautifully. At a foot tall, it’s a striking addition to any collection, and any fan of this classic Joker tale will be thrilled to have it.

DC Collectibles’ Justice League Tactical Suit Batman Statues ($149.95)

Want to really make someone’s Christmas merry? This screen-accurate polyresin statue with adjustable faux leather cape and heavy Justice League logo base will not disappoint. I’ve reviewed a lot of toys and statues, so it’s a big surprise to see something with such a precise likeness with a price-tag under $200. The entire Justice League movie line of statues proves that DC Collectibles is plenty capable of standing alongside the likes of Prime 1 and Hot Toys.

DC Comics suits from ($150)

Make sure the Batman fan in your life is the best dressed at their next formal event with these DC Comics suits from Their lineup ranges from the Dark Knight to the Man of Steel himself. They sent Chris an especially dapper suit to wear to the Justice League premiere and he highly recommends their service.

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Batcave Vignette ($199.95)

The Batcave set includes a robust and a surprisingly not-so-rocky foundation. The smooth grey plateau does show some carvings along the edges, and there are steps with a guard rail as well, but the cave portion of the Batcave Vignette isn’t what makes the set a must-have: it’s the Batcomputer. The Batcomputer features true-to-the show detailing, dozens of light-up monitors, and an impressive variety of reusable decals (be sure to contact your retailer about DC’s replacement stickers, which are far better than what you’ll currently find in the box). Want to put Tony Zucco’s mug on the big screen? You can do that. How about Poison Ivy’s mugshot? Or Joker and Harley’s “Joker Fish” ad? It’s all included! And did we mention buying the vignette is the ONLY way to get the much-desired Alfred Pennyworth figure? Oh, and you better believe he comes with a feather duster and full tea set with serving tray! Last, but not least, you’ll also receive an extra-large tri-fold backdrop of the full Batcave, which is a wonderful touch on DC’s part.

Of course, if the cave seems a bit steep for your holiday budget, you can always buy your special someone another figure from the BTAS line for around $15 bucks. We have reviews available for most of them, but I can tell you right now that nearly all of the toys from this line are fantastic.

NECA Giant Batarang ($199.99)

The only thing better than a replica batarang is an ENORMOUS replica batarang. Spruce up any wall in your house with this giant Bat-emblem that’s roughly the size of a four year-old child. The batarang is the perfect centerpiece for a vast collection—or a decent way to compensate for a tiny one.

Hot Toys’ Armored Batman Battle-Damaged Version ($265.99)

This 1/6 scale figure is an authentic, highly detailed likeness that features every crack and dent in the Dark Knight’s armor following his brutal confrontation with the Man of Steel in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The tattered cape is tailored, the armor and exposed facial features are hand-painted, there are 30 points of articulation, and the top-of-the-line collectible also comes with a plethora of accessories. What kinds of accessories? How about a kryptonite spear that actually glows (batteries included), a grappling gun, grenade canon with kryptonite grenades, a variety of easy-to-switch hands, and a specially designed movie logo base complete with shiny metal nameplate! Oh, and I almost forgot my favorite feature: inside the head is a switch that, once flipped, illuminates the Bat helm’s remaining eye lens. It’s a pretty astounding collectible that’s guaranteed to garner quite a bit of attention on any display shelf. You can buy yours now at where you can spread the cost our over three $88.66 installments.

Why not get one for your mother?

A Great TV for Watching DC Films ($600)

Now would be a great time to make the jump to 4K. All of the recent DCEU movies are available in 4K with HDR, and the 55″ TCL P-Series TV hits the sweet spot for the most amazing picture quality at an affordable price. It retails for $600 at Best Buy and supports 4K, Dolby Vision HDR, and has Roku’s smart TV platform built-in so you don’t even need an external box to get amazing 4K content.

And speaking of 4K content, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy will be available in 4K HDR on December 19th! Thanks to Amazon’s quick shipping, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get it by Christmas too. It’s currently available for pre-order at Amazon for $83.77.

Special thanks to Brian Warshaw (who you see in many of the photos), Chris Begley, and Jay Yaws (who modeled the Kohl’s shirt) for contributing so much to this gift guide. And to Elena Carrillo who created the wonderful photo to start this gift guide off right. 

For those of you who need to see even more Bat-merchandise, take a gander at last year’s gift guide!