Henry Cavill: ‘Justice League’ is the “first time we see the true Superman”

Some fans think that Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman strayed too far from the character they love in the comics. It seems like Cavill himself agrees, at least to some degree. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cavill said that Justice League is the first time we see the “true” Superman.

“Geoff [Johns] and I have been delving into the history of the character to get to the core of who Superman is,” Cavill said. “This is the first time we see the true Superman. The Superman who is confident, and sure, and full of hope and joy.”

In a previous interview, Cavill said that he enjoys the more traditional take on Superman and that he and Justice League director Joss Whedon saw eye-to-eye on the character.

Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is certainly much different in Justice League than his previous times playing the character. Did you enjoy that or did you prefer Zack Snyder’s darker take on Superman? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly (via Screen Rant)