Bruce Wayne bribes Aquaman with actual money in ‘Justice League’ deleted scene

In Justice League when Bruce Wayne goes to recruit Aquaman, he offers $25,000 to talk to the underwater superhero. He then ups it to $30,000 for information about the motherboxes. We didn’t see it in the movie, but apparently he had that kind of cash on him.

Inside the Justice League: The Art of the Film book, there’s a photo (above) from a deleted scene of Bruce Wayne taking out a big stack of cash when Aquaman grabs him and throws him against the wall. Perhaps that’s how he persuaded him to go easy on him and let him down.

Since Warner Bros. wanted to add more humor and fun to Justice League after being displeased with Zack Snyder’s original cut, I’m surprised this didn’t make it into the final movie. Let me know what you think of this deleted scene in the comments below.

SOURCE: Justice League: The Art of the Film (via reddit)