Gal Gadot reveals her favorite ‘Wonder Woman’ scenes and lots more in new interview

Gal Gadot was named one of Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year for 2017, and the website published a big interview with her today to celebrate. The entire interview was about Wonder Woman, and she touched a little on Justice League and Wonder Woman 2 as well.

Here are some of the highlights:

You’ve now played Wonder Woman across three films. What’s your favorite scene of your character?

There were a bunch. There were favorite scenes to play — I loved shooting the watch scene, and the dance scene in the square. But watching the movie, I loved when Wonder Woman first revealed herself by crossing No Man’s Land.

Most recently Justice League came out, and while you were praised for your performance the movie was hit a bit by critics. How did you feel about the film?

When I started to shoot Justice League it was literally the day after I wrapped on Wonder Woman. So it was the same, but different, and it was really nice to share the stage with an ensemble cast, and work with some of the guys again. It was a lot of fun. Obviously it wasn’t  about Wonder Woman; she was supporting the bigger story. I’m very excited to start working on Wonder Woman 2.

You recently tweeted that you’ll be “forever grateful to play this character.” How many Wonder Woman movies could you do? How will you know if and when it’s time to move on?

I think that once I’m there, once I feel it’s time to move on, then I’ll know. Right now I don’t know.

There’s a lot more to this interview with Gal Gadot. Head on over to Entertainment Weekly to read it in its entirety.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly