‘Justice League’ extended cut hinted at by Amazon listing (update)

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With Justice League rumored to be hitting Digital HD later this month, Warner Bros. will have to announce it and the Blu-ray soon. More listings for Justice League are starting to pop up at retailers, and the latest one hints at an extended edition.

Amazon Germany has a “limited edition” Blu-ray of Justice League up on their site. If you scroll down to the product information section, it lists the runtime as 135 minutes. That’s 15 minutes longer than the 2 hour movie that hit theaters.

Update 1/10/18: The listing has been updated and now reads “121” minutes, crushing all hope of an extended cut. For now.

While this is unofficial, it does give hope that Warner Bros. will release an extended edition of Justice League on Blu-ray. It’d be nothing out of the ordinary, they did the same for Batman v Superman (30 extra minutes) and Suicide Squad (13 extra minutes) when they hit Blu-ray.

Stay tuned to Batman News for an official announcement about Justice League’s home video release. It’ll be coming soon.

SOURCE: Amazon Germany

Thanks to Batman News reader Andy for the heads up!