Director Doug Liman is open to returning to ‘Justice League Dark’ or another DC movie

Warner Bros. hired Doug Liman to direct Justice League Dark in 2016, but Liman left the project in 2017 due to scheduling conflicts.

Screen Rant caught up with Liman recently, and asked if he’d be open to returning to Justice League Dark or another DC movie given all of the recent leadership changes. Here’s what he had to say:

You mentioned you’ve been offered and attached to superhero films in the past, and last year obviously you left Justice League Dark. There have been some big changes at DC since then – there’s new leadership and Walter Hamada, who’s doing it now, has a big horror background. So I wondered if there’s any chance or any interest on your part of returning to that movie, or any other DC movie given how so much has changed over there?

I would be open to it. I have a very kind of contrarian approach to how I make things and I don’t want to do them the way other people have done them. You know, Impulse is an original take on superpower as you can imagine and still be satisfying. Because obviously there’s some things – you can be original and artsy and not… Part of the reason cliches exist is because they’re satisfying to the audience so my challenge as a filmmaker has always been to do something that’s really original and still totally satisfying on a big commercial level, which I feel we’ve done with Impulse and I’d be really interested in doing that within the DC world if the right piece of material comes along.

Liman was a fan favorite, and told IGN in 2016 that he planned to “turn the comic book genre on its head” with Justice League Dark. Hopefully he can find another way to work with Warner Bros. and DC in the future.

SOURCE: Screen Rant