‘Justice League’ Blu-ray includes a bonus scene that wasn’t in theaters

We’re probably a week or two away from Warner Bros. officially announcing Justice League on Blu-ray and Digital HD, but Walmart beat them to one piece of big news. The giant retailer has their exclusive Justice League Blu-ray up for pre-order, which includes a set of pins, but on the box art is a red sticker that reads “Includes BONUS SCENE not seen in theaters!”.

That’s exciting news, but likely won’t satisfy fans who have been hoping for an extended or even completely different cut by director Zack Snyder. Warner Bros. sold the Wonder Woman Blu-ray the same way, it included a bonus scene that featured Etta Candy. Check out the Justice League box art from Walmart in the gallery below.

We’ll have to wait for the official announcement from Warner Bros. to know what other special features will be included on the Justice League Blu-ray. For now, we know we’re getting a new bonus scene. Let me know what you hope it is in the comments below.

SOURCE: Walmart

Thanks to Batman News reader Kyle for the heads up!