Warner Bros. working on ‘Birds of Prey’, not ‘Gotham City Sirens’ for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn

It looks like Gotham City Sirens is officially dead. Last month Margot Robbie said that she was working on a new movie featuring Harley Quinn and her girl friends that wasn’t Gotham City Sirens, and today The Wrap has more details.

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. is working on three movies that feature Harley Quinn. The first is the most obvious, Suicide Squad 2, which is expected to go into production later this year. The cast already appears to be training for it.

The next is Birds of Prey. The Wrap says that Transformers spinoff Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson is writing the script. Apparently Margot Robbie is a big fan of the Birds of Prey comics. This lines up with what she said in an interview last month about a secret Harley Quinn movie she was working on. This could be a great opportunity to feature Batgirl as well.

Finally, the Joker vs. Harley movie is still in the works. Last we heard, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa were in talks to write and direct. Robbie has worked with that directing duo before — in 2015’s Focus which co-starred Will Smith, as well as 2016’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. She recently praised them for being involved in the Joker/Harley movie.

Are you sad to see that Gotham City Sirens may no longer be happening? Which of these three movies are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: The Wrap