This Week in Comics: Batman kills

That’s right. You’re not misreading that headline. In this week’s Batman #39, the Dark Knight dressed up like a Dark Knight and killed an uncountable number of foes. Granted, they were other-realmy monsters in an endless horde, and not people. But he did kill! Right?

If you’ve read this far and haven’t skipped to the comments to make a crack about BvS, congratulations. But even though this wasn’t a real controversy, there is a real controversy in Batman #39. Whether or not you’ve been following along lately, you’ll likely have strong feelings about this issue one way or the other, so check it out.

Elsewhere, Harley Quinn #35 marked the beginning for a new creative team, and they sure had a tough act to follow. The good news is, they didn’t do half-bad. They seem to embrace the kookiness that made the previous run so fun, but they aren’t afraid to add some darkness to the mix. If you’re a Harley fan looking for an excuse to jump in and read her in the comics, then this a golden opportunity.

”The New Age of DC Heroes” kicked off this week with Damage #1. The issue wasn’t outstanding, and not a lot really happens, and we’re already relying on established characters by the end; but the artwork is slick and the team as a whole is talented, so I’ll stay tuned. I love that DC wants to introduce new characters, and I’m willing to be very patient while things get sorted out.

What books topped your list (if you even have one)? What books didn’t do it for you? Let us know in the comments. And as always, if you’re new to all of this, let us know that, too—we can help you get into comics without spending your savings and all of your free time. And if you want to check out our reviews for all of this week’s books, head to the comics page.