‘Deathstroke vs. Batman’ by Christopher Priest coming this April

It’s long been said that Batman can’t beat most anybody, given enough prep time.  He has an unflinching resolve, his deductive skills are second to none, and if he’s not the master of a particular form of martial arts, he’s the master of a half dozen others.  Batman is the peak of the human form, an example of what one can achieve with enough determination and training.

And craploads of money, but you know.

In the entirety of the DC Universe there’s scarcely anyone that could be called his equal in hand-to-hand combat.  Except for Deathstroke.

Slade Wilson, that one-eyed Terminator and longtime scourge of the Teen Titans, is the one man that even Batman thinks he can’t beat.  At best they’d come to a standstill, yet Slade has no qualms about taking a life so even that’s debatable.  It’s not even about fighting skill either, as Slade is a master tactician so brilliant that even Superman enlisted him to help coordinate an attack no Brainiac.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that come April, the Dark Knight and the world’s deadliest assassin will go head to head in Deathstroke vs. Batman.  Written by current Deathstroke scribe Christopher Priest, with art from Carlo Pagulayan and covers from the inimitable Lee Weeks, it’s unclear if this is a one-shot, a miniseries, or a crossover.  What is evident is that two of the most popular characters in comics will be going head to head under the pen of one of the most celebrated writers in the industry, which is reason enough to get excited.  More details will likely come with DC’s April solicitations, so we at Batman News will keep you updated as we learn more.