‘Justice League’ VFX artist shares concept footage from Zack Snyder’s cut

Greg Ecklund was a previsualization artist on Justice League and shared some of his work on Vimeo. Previsualization, or previs, is concept footage that allows a director to get an idea of what a scene is going to look like before he starts shooting.

The new Justice League concept footage starts off with the Superman vs the Justice League scene. We then get a long look at Steppenwolf vs. the Amazons, with the villain looking scarier and more like a monster than he did in the movie. There’s even some footage of parademons attacking Batman and the Batmobile.

Ecklund also included footage he worked on for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, so fast forward to the 46 second mark in the video above to see all of his Justice League work. If the Vimeo video gets taken down, you can try watching it on reddit.

Thanks to Batman News reader @MehToAll for the heads up!