‘Justice League’ Superman bonus scenes are less than 2 minutes long, combined

A couple of weeks ago, Warner Bros. announced the Justice League Blu-ray. The big selling point? Bonus scenes involving Henry Cavill’s Superman. Now, according to some new information, it appears that those new scenes will be very brief.

A user on the Blu-ray.com forums named “Pieter V” posted the runtimes for each of the special features on the Justice League Blu-ray. “The Return of Superman”, which is the section that contains the Superman bonus scenes, is just 01:51 long. That’s disappointing, considering that the Wonder Woman Blu-ray included one bonus scene which was 2:39 long.

And it gets worse. Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman’s Blu-rays proudly advertised over 2 hours of extras. The Justice League bonus features add up to just over an hour at 73 minutes long.

Special Features:

  • The return of Superman 01:51
  • The heart of Justice League 11:20
  • Scene studies: Heroes Park 04:40
  • Justice League: New heroes 11:49
  • Scene studies: Revisiting the Amazons 03:20
  • The road to justice 13:32
  • Steppenwolf, the conqueror 02:51
  • Suit up: The look of Justice League 09:50
  • The technology of Justice League 07:50
  • Scene studies: The tunnel battle 03:19
  • Scene studies: Wonder Woman’s rescue 03:02

Total runtime: 73:24

If I had to guess as to why there’s so little bonus content on the Justice League Blu-ray, I’d say it’s because they’re not including any behind-the-scenes looks at the many scenes that were cut from the movie. I also doubt it’ll include any footage from the Joss Whedon reshoots. For some reason Warner Bros. has been down playing that very important piece of the Justice League puzzle.

If this news hasn’t turned you off completely, you can pre-order the Justice League Blu-ray on Amazon. It’ll be released on March 13th, with an earlier Digital HD release coming on February 13th.

SOURCE: Blu-ray.com forums