‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ trailer: this is why Superman looked silly in ‘Justice League’

One of the most talked about moments in Justice League was how bad Henry Cavill’s face looked as Superman in most of the scenes. For those who don’t know, Cavill was shooting Mission: Impossible – Fallout at the same time that Justice League reshoots were going on last summer. Cavill was contractually obligated to keep the mustache he grew for Mission: Impossible, so it had to be digitally removed in Justice League. The results weren’t all that great.

Tonight, the first Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer premiered during the Super Bowl. It was packed with insane action and stunts, and showed Cavill in a setup to what looks like a helicopter chase. Maybe that’s why director Christopher McQuarrie said using a fake mustache for the movie would’ve been impossible.

What did you think of the Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer? Are you excited to see Henry Cavill in another big franchise? Let me know in the comments below.