Funko HeroWorld DC Series 1 review

Funko does it all. They’re best known for their Pop! vinyl figures, but they have an ever-growing catalog of other products, as well. Dorbz, Hikari, Pint-Sized Heroes—they probably make at least one thing for everyone. So in an already-diverse product line, why introduce the Target-exclusive HeroWorld series of vinyl collectibles? Let’s consider.

A kid-friendly aesthetic (and price point)

Pop!s are huge, and my kids love them about as much as I do. But they also retail for eleven bucks a pop (pun intended without remorse), and for kids that want a lot of characters, that can get expensive. The same goes for Funko’s other lines: Dorbz are seven bucks, Mystery Minis are barely cheaper, and even Pint-Sized Heroes are about four.

Enter HeroWorld. With five-character Starter Packs retailing for fifteen and two-character add-ons at seven, your kid can have an impressive Justice League roster and two nasty villains for the cost of two Pop!s. That begs the question, though: why would your kid want these?

Funko has been so successful because most of their collectible lines have very distinct style. Pop!s are instantly recognizable, and so are Dorbz, Mystery Minis, and Pint-Sized. And beyond distinction, they also tend to look good. You can recognize most characters without reading the box, even though they’ve been thoroughly warped into whatever aesthetic the line demands.

HeroWorld is a bit of a departure from some of that. The character designs look quite good, but they are not as instantly-recognizable as their kin. Unfortunately, the production quality doesn’t seem to be in the same ballpark, either. There’s sloppy paint and ill-fit parts on nearly every figure I have. I’ve always seen a bit of variance in Funko’s other product lines, but the figure-to-figure quality here strikes me as lower than the others.

So is this a deal-breaker? Your mileage may vary. If I was shopping for myself, I’m not sure I would pull the trigger. But for my sons? I wouldn’t hesitate. The figures look great if you’re not holding them two inches from your face, the aesthetic is excellent-if-not-unique, and the price is hard to beat for what you’re getting. I think this Batman is one of the coolest that Funko has created in any product line, and while the finishes are a bit shabby, the charming looks have their appeal.


The paint and assembly quality may not live up to Funko’s other products, but HeroWorld delivers excellent character aesthetics and lots of figures for a very competitive price. If you want to make your kids Funko junkies (Funkies?) without robbing their college funds, this is a good way to do it. You can find the HeroWorld DC figures at Target stores now.