Composer shares photo from ‘Aquaman’ trailer scoring session? (update)

Update 2/14/18: Aquaman director James Wan told Jason Momoa News on Instagram that this post (which has since been deleted) “has nothing to do” with the Aquaman trailer.

Carlos Villalobos Jr. is a composer and last night on Instagram he revealed that he’s working on the music for the upcoming Aquaman trailer.

“Trailer scoring heaven today #composer #studio #aquaman #oldfriends,” Villalobos Jr. captioned his photo from inside his studio. You can see a new still of Jason Momoa as Aquaman from the trailer he has playing on the screen.

Expect the trailer to be finished soon. It’s most likely coming next month, just in time to be played with big Warner Bros. releases like Tomb Raider and Ready Player One.

SOURCE: Carlos Villalobos Jr. (Instagram)