Both ‘Justice League’ deleted Superman scenes revealed

Justice League is officially out on Digital HD and I just got through watching both of the deleted Superman scenes.

The majority of the first deleted scene is officially online. We see Clark Kent walking through the Kryptonian ship looking for his costume. He passes by a black one before we see him stare at another one off camera. The next shot is him walking out of the ship, fully suited up in his classic red and blue costume.

The second deleted Superman scene is one that was teased in the Comic-Con trailer. We see Alfred working on Bruce Wayne’s Aston Martin at the lakehouse (he’s not in the Batcave) and Superman shows up. “I’m assuming you’re Alfred,” Superman says. “Master Kent. He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late,” Alfred replies.

Both scenes combined are less than two minutes long and it’s a shame they were cut from the final movie. Both include Hans Zimmer’s classic Man of Steel score as well.