‘Justice League’ storyboard reveals Darkseid scene that was cut

Last summer we learned that Warner Bros. was changing the ending of Justice League with their reshoots. The movie was originally supposed to end with a cliffhanger featuring Darkseid, but all references of the villain were removed.

Now, thanks to Screen Rant, we have a storyboard drawn by Justice League director Zack Snyder which shows that Darkseid was going to be in the movie. In fact, it appears that this scene was shot, as spotted by eagle-eyed fans. In the gallery below you can see Snyder’s original storyboard, followed by a version with some frames from the very first Justice League trailer which seem to be part of this scene.

Darkseid joins a long list of characters and scenes that were removed for the theatrical cut of Justice League. The movie just hit Digtal HD this week and features two deleted Superman scenes, but nothing more.

Do you think simplifying Justice League and removing Darkseid was a good idea? Or do you wish this part of the movie was left in? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Screen Rant