Zack Snyder’s perfect response about the ‘Justice League’ deleted scenes

Yesterday Zack Snyder posted a nice photo of himself and his wife in honor of Valentine’s Day on the social media app Vero. Of course, many fans leaving comments were more interested in talking about Justice League instead.

One fan asked Snyder if he watched the Justice League deleted scenes, likely referring to the two Superman scenes that were released on Digital HD the night before. Snyder’s response was perfect.

“First off I shot them,” Snyder said. “Also I’ve been seeing them everywhere (in a good way), so yes.”

Snyder probably shot deleted scenes that we haven’t even heard about yet. A lot of his footage was removed in favor of the new scenes that Joss Whedon wrote and to hit the 2 hour runtime mandate that Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara imposed.

Let me know what you think of Snyder’s funny reply to an even sillier question in the comments below.