This Week in Comics: Apes with capes

Dark Nights: Metal draws ever closer to its conclusion, and after months and months of frustrated heroes, we finally glimpse the key to victory: super-apes. Now, I understand that not everyone feels as fondly toward our fellow primates as I do, but wowsers, was Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt a fun read.

Art by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

Detective Comics dealt with the fallout from its last issue, in which Batwoman killed Clayface with a sniper rifle (or did she? Check out our review for an interesting theory). Needless to say, Batman and his acolytes (some of them, anyway) were quite displeased with BW and there was a lot of literal and figurative finger-pointing going on.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 gave (some) fans what they’ve been asking for, as Jason and Artemis traded their crime-fighting threads for night clothes and hit the town. But it’s never that simple in comics, and there was plenty of drama both on the date and back home in the floating HQ.

That’s just a taste of what happened this week. Which books did you pick up? Which were your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and to check out our reviews for all of this week’s books, head over to the Comics page.