Comics Now Episode 1: Apes with capes, synthezoids vs. orphans, and more!

The barely-two-day wait is over! It’s the inaugural episode of Comics Now, the podcast about comics—now! Join Jay Yaws and Brian Warshaw as they cover a range of stimulating topics including, but not limited to:

  • Brian buys some pants—and a really sweet shirt—on the eve of Toy Fair
  • Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt gives you more apes for your dollar
  • Why it’s harder for Tom King to be Tom King on Batman than it was for Tom King to be Tom King on his other books
  • Mikel Janín is awesome, and he may or may not (probably doesn’t) color his own work

You can listen to Comics Now right here, or subscribe in your favorite podcatcher. Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter @ComicsNowCast, or give the guys a piece of your mind at And if anyone knows who actually drew the picture on Brian’s shirt, let us know that, too.