J.K. Simmons says Commissioner Gordon scenes were cut from ‘Justice League’

Collider caught up with J.K. Simmons to talk about his new Starz series Counterpart, but asked him about Justice League and even The Batman as well.

Simmons joked that he was barely involved in Justice League and revealed that even some of his brief screen time was cut from the theatrical release. Simmons said he has “no idea” what to expect going forward, but is hopeful that he’ll be able to play Gordon again. Check out the DC movie portion of the interview below.

It was great to see you in Justice League, but we only just got a glimpse of you. Were you involved with any of those re-shoots? Did you work with both directors on that?

SIMMONS: I was not, no. I was barely involved in the movie, period. And then, that even got cut. I only worked with Zack [Snyder]. Because I don’t really pay attention to show business, outside of my own thing, I was unaware of most of that. I didn’t even know until somebody in the press told me about the re-shoots. And I have no idea what to expect, going forward.

Do you hope we’ll still get to see more, at some point?

SIMMONS: Oh, yeah! Assuming that we’re gonna go forward, the way we think it will, I’m really looking forward to that. Hopefully, it will be really fun and the character will expand a little bit, particularly in the stand-alone Batman movie. There will be more to do. I guess it’s Matt Reeves now for that one, who I haven’t met. So, it will be a whole new collaborator to get together and work with, hopefully.

Matt Reeves is casting a new actor to play Batman in his movie and it’s unclear whether Jeremy Irons and J.K. Simmons will be reprising their roles as Alfred and Gordon. Hopefully 2018 is the year where a lot of the questions about The Batman get answered.

If Reeves casts a young Batman, would you like to see him cast a younger Gordon as well? Or do you want to see Simmons continue in the role? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Collider