‘Nightwing’ director wants white eyes or lenses, no eyeballs

A big debate among fans over the years has been if live-action Batman costumes should feature white eyes (or lenses) instead of just the actor’s eyeballs. Christopher Nolan gave it a shot in The Dark Knight (pictured above), as did Zack Snyder in Batman v Superman with Ben Affleck’s armored Batsuit.

If you’re a fan of the white eyes then you’ll be pleased to know that Nightwing director Chris McKay is as well. A fan on Twitter sent a message to the director, saying “Whatever costume they keep or go with, can we all agree that white eyes or lenses needs to be a staple going forward with a live action Bat Family? [Chris McKay], I see your profile picture. Please make it happen.”

McKay responded with just one word, “agreed”.

Here’s a closer look at his profile picture:

Would you be a fan of Nightwing having white eyes in his movie? Or do you prefer the eyeball look in live-action? Let me know in the comments below.