Zachary Levi reacts to ‘Shazam’ costume set photo leak (videos)

Zachary Levi just went live on Instagram, mostly to just goof around with the funny face filters, but he did address the Shazam set photo that was released yesterday that showed him in his full costume.

“How’d everyone like that Shazam pic that was online yesterday?,” Levi asked his live viewers. “Kind of crazy right? That wasn’t planned. That was completely unplanned. Hopefully we’ll be able to have a better pic at some point out there for people to see.” Check out the video below.

Shazam was filming at a mall in Toronto this week and wasn’t closed to the public, which is how a fan was able to take a photo. Originally Shazam director David Sandberg said that Warner Bros. had an official photo ready to go in case a fan released a photo, but last weekend on reddit he said that those plans have changed. He was expecting a fan to release a photo first.

The reaction to the Shazam costume photo was mixed, so hopefully Warner Bros. releases an official photo soon to give a better idea of what it’ll look like on screen.