‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves assures fans he’s not leaving

Yesterday there was a rumor that said really bad DC Extended Universe news was on the way. This lead some fans to automatically think of the worst case scenario: what if director Matt Reeves is walking away from The Batman? Thankfully, that is NOT what’s happening.

A fan reached out to Reeves on Twitter last night and said “say it ain’t so,” referencing all the speculation among fans. Reeves replied with “Uh… It ain’t so!” and then added some very reassuring emojis: a happy face, a bat, and a thumbs up!

Reeves finished the story outline for The Batman late last year and is now working on the script. My best guess is he’ll take the better part of 2018 perfecting that script, and then begin shooting the movie sometime next year for a Summer 2020 release.