‘Shazam’ set photos reveal Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn cameos… as toys

Earlier this week, Shazam star Zachary Levi posted a photo of a Batman toy and said “look who makes a cameo in Shazam…” It turns out he was being quite literal!

Shazam was shooting at a mall in Toronto this week, and Potbelly Gamers snapped some photos of a toy store that was built for the movie. It’s called “Treasure Time Toys” and inside you can see plush dolls of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Harley Quinn. Not unlike the ones pictured above. Check out the photos in the gallery below.

“A huge action sequence takes place in this built toy shop for Shazam,” Potbelly Gamers tweeted. “Inside looked like the old WB store. The costume looks so F’n awesome in action!”

Suicide Squad introduced the idea of Superman merchandise existing in the DCEU, so it’s not crazy to think that toys of the heroes exist too. Harley Quinn is an odd one though, since she’s a crazy murder who was locked up in prison. Let me know what you think of these new Shazam set photos in the comments below.

SOURCE: Potbelly Gamers (Twitter)