Gotham City News truck spotted on the set of ‘Titans’ or ‘Shazam’ in Toronto

Shazam and Titans are both shooting in Toronto right now until May. That means it can be tough to pinpoint set photos to a specific production if there are no actors around.

Take for example the new set photo above from blogTO. We clearly see a Gotham City News truck, but it’s impossible to know if this is from the set of Shazam or Titans without more context. My guess would be Titans since Shazam takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but who knows?

Regardless, it’s cool that one of these projects is going to have a Gotham City easter egg. Titans will debut on Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC streaming service later this year, and Shazam hits theaters on April 5, 2019.

Update: What’s Filming, which keeps an eye on productions in Canada, says that this is indeed from Titans.

Let me know where you think this Gotham City News truck will show up in the comments below.