Legion of Collectors – Green Lantern Corps unboxing

It is a sad day, because this marks the end of Funko’s beloved DC subscription box service. But if this is to be our last day, then let us go out with a bang. The Green Lantern Corps box might just be the best one Funko have done yet.

A shirt sure to spike your willpower

Kyle Rayner fans everywhere are sure to give Funko the side-eye, but this is an awesome shirt—regardless of who is or is not given a place of prominence. Guy looks perhaps too warm and friendly, but I’ll forgive the artist this misstep, because he or she nailed the rest.

In stressful day, in anxious night, this battery calms your nerves, alright?

The Green Lantern’s power battery charges his or her ring, enhancing the ability to overcome great fear. This squeezable version gives you something to grip when you’re feeling manic, enhancing your ability to overcome great stress.

The smallest rivalry in the universe

Once a Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan’s mentor, Thaal Sinestro went a bit kooky-dukes and decided that feeding on the fears of others was a more effective way to make the universe a better place than channeling his own will. He got some new tights, adopted the most depressing color with which to paint a room, and became his former charge’s greatest rival. These Pint-Sized Heroes may look adorable, but trust me—they won’t hesitate to kill each other.

The Corps just got three new members

After years of offering a relatively small and unexciting assortment of Green Lantern Pop!s, Funko at last expands the roster in a major way. This three-pack of Ch’p, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog is hands-down my favorite thing with the Funko name on it since the debut of the Clayface Animated Pop! At this point, the only way they could top it would be to start selling a Mogo Pop! that’s just a big globe with a Lantern symbol.

Farewell, old friend

Subscription boxes are a tough racket. Coming up with a great assortment of items is probably the easy part; but the logistics of managing subscribers, shipping packages, and dealing with delivery problems likely isn’t worth the hassle. Funko have enough retail partners and enough fans that they don’t need such complications in their business. I’ll miss getting a fresh box of Legion of Collectors goodness every other month, but it was a good run while it lasted, and I look forward to whatever they come up with next.