This Week in Comics: Batman lovingly caresses the Joker’s face

Can you feel the love? Batman and Joker can. Things came to a head in Batman: White Knight #6, and while it was the first issue of the series to disappoint me, I’m still anxious to see how things get tied up. If writer/artist Sean Murphy can regain control of this thing in the final two issues, then my disappointment will be but a footnote. Here’s hoping.

Art by Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth, and Todd Klein

Batman #42 also came out this week, and it was…confusing? It looked amazing, but so does a rhinestone-encrusted disco suit, and I’ve got no use for that, either. Tom King is a massively capable writer, but I’m afraid his Batman just isn’t for me.

And unless you’ve been hiding in a fallout shelter all day, you’ve probably heard that DC is introducing a new, edgy imprint called “Black Label.” There will be a new take on the origin of Superman (again), Snyder and Capullo tackling Batman and the Joker (again), and Wonder Woman written by Greg Rucka (again). Despite my incontinent parentheses, I am genuinely interested in the new line, even if I’m not overly optimistic that the end products will live up to the hype.

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