Christopher Nolan had a “wow moment” during this ‘The Dark Knight’ IMAX scene

Christopher Nolan brought IMAX to Hollywood. Before The Dark Knight, no feature film had been shot with the large format camera. In a new interview with Variety, Nolan spoke about the fist “wow moment” he had with IMAX, and naturally it was early on in the process of shooting The Dark Knight.

“The first big creative ‘wow moment’ was when we were shooting the prologue for ‘The Dark Knight,’ and seeing Heath Ledger standing in the street from behind,” Nolan said. “The iconic nature of the shot really stood out.”

Since The Dark Knight many big superhero and action movies have been shot in IMAX. In fact, Nolan even let director Zack Snyder borrow his personal IMAX lenses for him to use on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

SOURCE: Variety