Bryan Hill to take over “Detective Comics” from James Tynion this June

There have been all sorts of creative shakeups at DC Comics lately, with new teams being announced for different books almost daily.  The highest profile revelations have been Bendis on the core Superman books and Scott Snyder on Justice League, but another change has almost flown under the radar: namely, James Tynion IV will end his Detective Comics run.  It’s been hinted at in solicits and by Tynion himself on Twitter, but there hasn’t been much in the way of an official announcement.

Well, our friends at Den of Geek have the news in an exclusive reveal that The Wild Storm: Michael Cray writer Bryan Hill will write a five issue arc after Tynion leaves the title.  Joined by artist Miguel Mendonça, Hill will bring Black Lightning to Gotham to join forces with Batman in training up Duke and Cassandra.  It’s a mini Outsiders reunion, which is pretty neat.

No word on who will take on the title after Hill’s arc ends, but this is an inspired choice to be sure.  And really, more Black Lightning is always good.

Hill’s five-part arc “On the Outside” will begin in Detective Comics #982 on June 13.

SOURCE: Den of Geek