‘Justice League’ ends box office run as the lowest grossing DCEU movie yet

With Justice League out on Digital HD and Blu-ray as well, its run at the box office has come to an end. Zack Snyder’s big superhero team-up movie made $657.9 million worldwide, the lowest of any DC Extended Universe movie yet. For comparison, Marvel’s first Avengers movie made $1.5 billion.

The irony in all of this is that Warner Bros. rushed into a shared Justice League universe after Man of Steel underperformed in 2013 with $668 million, in the hopes of getting to that magical billion dollars at the box office. Batman was thrown into the sequel, Batman v Superman, to give it a boost and it worked. That movie made $873.6 million. But then Justice League, which should have made at least a billion dollars, ended up making even less than Man of Steel.

Here’s how Justice League ranks against the rest of the DCEU at the worldwide box office:

  1. Batman v Superman – $873.6M
  2. Wonder Woman – $821.8M
  3. Suicide Squad – $746.8M
  4. Man of Steel – $668.0M
  5. Justice League –  $657.9M

Now Warner Bros. is restructuring DC Films and the entire studio. Former New Line executive Walter Hamada is now president of DC Films, there’s a new VP of production, and some changes have been made at the top of Warner Bros. as well. Hopefully this leads to stronger DC movies for 2018 and beyond. Aquaman sounds pretty awesome.